Concentric Security University is committed to providing educational information to assist organizations in running successful Physical Protection Systems (PPS).  The University strives to achieve this by providing information that is informative, practical, technical and most of all - useful.  Relevant information is continuing to be developed to help utilize an organization's PPS Components of People, Procedures and Equipment to their highest ability. Additionally, educational materials will assist in improving the PPS functions of Detect, Delay and Respond
Standards - Security standards and guidelines are plentiful as related to perimeter security.  Compliance requires experience and knowledge to comply completely.  The information on this page provides an overview of some of the standards and guidelines that apply to new and existing security equipment and solutions.

Operational - In operating an access control point or entry control facility many issues need to be taken into account. Operation of an Access Control Point (ACP) or Entry Control Facility (ECF) requires many areas of interface with different groups.  An integrated and appropriate “Theory of Operation” is vital to a successfully functioning control point. The information included on this section addresses some of the operation and challenges involved in a perimeter security solution. 


Products - There are many types of physical security equipment available and determining the best barrier to fit your organization’s unique needs can be a challenge. The information in this section will discuss different types of products available – advantages, typical applications, installation advantages and challenges and determine the scenario that works best for a specific need.

Design - The security industry is constantly changing and finding new solutions and approaches to perimeter security operations. These materials will discuss some of the current and emerging technology components related to security.

Troubleshooting - These materials show easy to understand ideas for troubleshooting common issues with security equipment. With the assistance of this information we trust you will be able to do simple checks of your equipment and keep small issues small.  
Concentric Security University's mission is to educate clients and security professionals in developing Physical Protection Systems that address operational, maintenance and safety issues affecting security system functionality.  We do this by using a holistic approach to Physical Protection Systems which includes People, Procedures, and Equipment and its functions: Detection, Delay and Response. 


The library of offerings is continuing to expand and is customizable to accommodate individual organization’s needs. If a topic of interest is not listed in the training library, contact Concentric Security University to allow us to create a program that is unique to the needs of your organization.


We are excited about the opportunity to apply our knowledge to your organization!




















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