There are many types of physical security equipment available and determining the best barrier to fit your organization’s unique needs can be a challenge.  The information on this page will help you learn more about the different types of products available – advantages, typical applications, installation advantages and challenges and determine the scenario that works best for a specific need.  Concentric Security’s solutions can incorporate any products into a fully functioning control solution. 

Barrier Selection Tool

Depending on the application and the challenges of a specific facility, there are many types of barriers that may be considered.  Determining which barrier meets specific requirements is a challenge.  The Barrier Selection Tool can help narrow down the different barrier options.
For additional assistance in reviewing barrier options based on specific needs, or in integrating the barrier into a complete perimeter control solution contact Concentric Security.
Concentric Extends Life of Vehicle Barriers, Saving Owners Millions

​Through a collaborative effort between its Vehicle Barrier Engineering, Controls Manufacturing and Field Service team, Concentric Security regularly solves barrier related problems at a fraction of the cost of a new barrier.

When Is It Smart To Upgrade To An Integrated Barrier Control System?

​When the task turns to determining barrier controls and requirements, the first thought generally goes to the interface point, the control panel.  Nice graphic panels with colorful visuals or fancy touch screens are important, but do not provide the brains of a good integrated control system.  These interface points should look nice and be very user friendly and easy to operate and understand, but they do not provide the intelligence to operate your Access Control Point.

Architectural Pre-Cast Concrete Security Barriers: Security the Perimeter
This white paper examines architectural precast concrete products and their use in creating effective security barriers. This installment highlights a historical perspective of architectural precast concrete barriers and sheds light on many of the questions and decisions that must be considered when choosing a product that balances security, life cycle costs and aesthetics.
Limit Switch Functions - The Basics

​There are generally two types of limit switches used in perimeter security equipment: Mechanical and Proximity.

Limit Switch - Settings and Adjustments

​For adjustment, it is best to refer to the security equipment manufacturer’s alignment procedure for each limit switch. Security applications for limit switches can be slightly different for various equipment manufacturers

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The library of offerings is continuing to expand and is customizable to accommodate individual organization’s needs. If a topic of interest is not listed in the training library, contact Concentric Security University to allow us to create a program that is unique to the needs of your organization.​​
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