These materials show easy to understand ideas for troubleshooting common issues with security equipment. With the assistance of this information we trust you will be able to do simple checks of your equipment and keep small issues small. 

How to Troubleshoot a Mechanical Limit Switch

The mechanically operated switch relies on a lever or arm which is activated mechanically, and activates a small switch in the body of the switch to open or close an electrical contact.​

How to Troubleshoot a Proximity Limit Switch

​The proximity switch generates a small radio frequency field. When this field is interrupted by a conductive object moving into the field, the switch will detect this and cause a contact closure or opening (based on the type of proximity switch).​

Handy Inductance Loop Troubleshooting Guide

Some loop detector modules continually check the integrity of the loops and will report and store certain types of loop faults such as: Open Loops, Shorted Loops, and 25% sudden changes in inductance. ​

Basic Barrier Maintenance Guide

​For product warranties to be effective, recorded scheduled maintenance is usually required. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommended frequency and maintenance tasks for the specific product.

The library of offerings is continuing to expand and is customizable to accommodate individual organization’s needs. If a topic of interest is not listed in the training library, contact Concentric Security University to allow us to create a program that is unique to the needs of your organization.

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