Training is a critical component of a balanced security system.  Training is often treated as a one-time event at the commissioning of a new system. To be successful, training must take place throughout the life of a security system and throughout the life of the individuals running the system. Concentric Security University will assist your organization in implementing and maintaining an effective training program.
Concentric Security University is committed to assisting organizations in the training process to ensure security systems run properly.  We offer training for troubleshooting,  operational, maintenance and theory of operations.  Procedures for both startup and refresher materials for every aspect of your Access Control Point or Entry Control Facility are available.  Formal or informal, structured or flexible, online or in the field, self-paced or instructor led, Concentric Security University provides the environment to learn that fits your needs.


Troubleshooting - Everyone experiences some minor issues with security systems. Concentric can train personnel on troubleshooting techniques to allow successful evaluation of issues and effective resolution so equipment continues to operate properly and safely.

Operational - Training of security personnel in the proper procedures is vital to a properly functioning access control point or entry control facility. Standard or customized training is available.


Maintenance - Proper maintenance is crucial to keep physical security equipment operating safely and securely.  Training is available to educate personnel on the proper preventative techniques for the most prevalent equipment.


Theory of Operations - Training on how systems function and why certain equipment responds in various situation is critical.  Concentric will help evaluate the currrent operation sequence and train personnel how to use it effectively.


The library of offerings is continuing to expand and is customizable to accommodate individual organization’s needs.  If a topic of interest is not listed in the training library, contact Concentric Security University to allow us to create a program that is unique to the needs of your organization.​​

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